Three-Way ER Valves

A three-way valve can have three different types of operation:

Clark Cooper 3 Way Rotary ER Valv
  • The first type of three-way valve is a diverting valve, which has one inlet and two outlets. Flow goes from the single inlet to the selected outlet and can only go to one outlet at a time.
  • The second type is a selecting three-way valve, which has two inlets and one outlet. Depending on whether the valve is activated or not, flow goes from the selected inlet to the single outlet. Flow can only come from one inlet at a time.
  • The third type has a supply port, outlet port, and vent port. When the supply is open and the vent is closed, flow travels from the supply to the outlet. When the supply is closed and the vent is open, flow travels from the outlet to the vent. These are available with the supply normally open or the supply normally closed.

Three-Way ER Valves

Three-Way Valve Characteristics

No differential pressure required to open. All valves operate from zero to maximum pressure listed in table.

Clark Cooper ER Series 3 Way Diagram
Pipe Size (inches) Cv Solenoid Series MOPD* (PSIG) Shipping Weight (lbs) Dimensions (inches)
A NPT A #150 FL A #300 FL B C D
1/2 4.5 400 200 20 3.3 4.3 5.5 12.5 7.0 5.0
800 720 25 14.5
3/4 7.8 400 50 22 3.5 7.0 7.6 12.8 8.5 5.5
800 350 27 14.8
1** 10.5 400 25 29 4.2 7.3 7.8 13.0 9.2 5.5
800 150 38 15.0
*MOPD = Maximum Operating Pressure Differential Weights and dimensions are appoximate.
Maximum Fluid Temperature 550ºF

**Contact us for pipe sizes larger than 1"

Three-Way ER Valves

Solenoid (Coil) Characteristics

Solenoid Coil:
Class H, Continuous Duty
18” long, 18 gage wire leads

Solenoid Enclosure:
Carbon Steel - Coil enclosure is completely seal-welded
NEMA 4 (watertight)
NEMA 7 (explosion-proof)
NEMA 4X optional
Class 1, Division 1, Groups B, C and D

Conduit Connection:
1/2" NPT

AC voltages suitable with 50 and 60 Hertz

ER Valves have the following certifications:
Clark Cooper ER CRN Clark Cooper ER ETL

Solenoid Series Voltage Amps Inrush* Amps Holding
400 24V AC/DC 18.0 1.0
48V DC 12.0 0.6
120V AC/DC 5.0 0.3
240V AC/DC 4.0 0.1
800 24V AC/DC 27.0 2.0
48V DC 25.0 1.0
120V AC/DC 16.0 0.5
240V AC/DC 8.0 0.2

Three-Way ER Valves

Emergency Trip Valves

Manually reset, emergency diverting valve immediately diverts the flow of fluid when an emergency condition exists.

  • Electrically tripped: Valve immediately diverts flow upon electrical signal. Manually reset. *
  • Trips closed on loss of power: Valve immediately diverts flow on loss of power. Manually reset. *
  • Heat actuated trip: Valve immediately diverts flow at 135°F, 165°F, 212°F, 286°F or 386°F. Manually reset open. +

* An operator must manually reset the valve once the trip condtion has been removed.

+ Replacement of the fusible link will be necessary to reset valve.