The EH50 Series

High Pressure Solenoid Valve - EH50 Series High Pressure Solenoid Valve – EH50 Section Rendering High Pressure Solenoid Valve – EH50 Rendering


The full port EH50 offers a wide range of solutions for your application needs, and is best used to control the flow of high pressure air, water, natural gas, hydrogen, nitrogen and other gases or light liquids compatible with materials of construction. This pilot operated valve is a great choice for differential pressures as high as 10,000 PSI. The valve comes in a ½” NPT connection size and requires a 100 PSIG minimum pressure differential between inlet and outlet for operation. The EH50 offers many of the benefits of our EH40, but with the available option of an integrated check valve. The EH50 is an ideal choice for CNG equipment and applications, whether your system utilizes a single-line buffer or a 3-bank cascade filling scheme. The valve also features a cartridge that can be easily removed for maintenance. The Normally Closed EH50 valves must be mounted upright and vertical, while the Normally Open EH50 valves are universal mount. Filters are recommended for all applications.

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EH50 Valve – Applicable For General Gases & Liquids
General Gases
& Light Liquids
EH50 Valve for Hydrocarbon Fuels
EH50 Valve for Flammable Gases
EH50 Valve for Hydrogen
EH50 Valve for Oxygen
EH50 Series Valve Not for Corrosives
EH50 Series Valve Not for Sea & Salt Water
Sea & Salt
EH50 Valve Not for Viscous Liquids
EH50 Valve Not for Steam
EH50 Valve Not for Cryogenics

EH50 Valve CRN Certified Valves with ATEX Coils
EH50 Product Manual
ATEX Approved Coils Now Available
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California Proposition 65 Warning

The EH50 Series


Valve Body: 7075-T6 Anodized Aluminum* / 316 SS
Piston: PEEK
O Ring (Standard): Buna-N (-50° to 225°F)
O Ring (Optional): Viton (0° to 400°F)
Backing Rings: Buna-N* / Viton / PTFE (cryo to 400°F)
Piston Rings / Seal: 302 SS / PTFE
Cartridge: 316 SS & 430 SS
Pilot / Seal: 303 SS / PTFE
Spring: 302 SS
Plunger: 430 SS
Bonnet Retainer: 430 SS
Cartridge Gasket: Nylon
Optional Check Valve: 304 SS / PEEK
Fluid Temperature: -423 ° to +400 °F
*Standard material
EH50 Valve Construction & Functions EH50 Normally Open Valve
  Inlet/Outlet Electrical Ship Weight (Aluminum Body) Ship Weight (316 SS Body) Reference Dimensions (inches)
EH50-08 Normally Closed ½" NPT ½" NPT Conduit 4.25 lbs. 9.75 lbs. 2.0 6.6 2.5 3.0 ø 3.00
EH50-08 Normally Open ½" NPT ½" NPT Conduit 4.50 lbs. 10.0 lbs. 2.0 7.3 2.5 3.0 ø 3.00

The EH50 Series

Electrical (Coil)

  Standard Higher Wattage
Power: 10 Watts 22 Watts
AC Inrush: 1 amp @120V AC 2.5 amp @120V AC
AC Holding: 0.1 amp @ 120V AC 0.2 amp @ 120V AC
Insulation: Class "F" Class "H"
Duty: Continuous Continuous
Connection: 1/2" NPT, 18" Leads 1/2" NPT, 18" Leads
Explosion Proof (Standard): NEMA 3, 3S, 4, 4X, 7, 9 NEMA 3, 3S, 4, 4X, 7, 9
General Service: NEMA 1, 2, 3, 3S, 4, 4X NEMA 1, 2, 3, 3S, 4, 4X


Maximum pressures shown are measured in PSIG:

  Normally Closed Normally Open
AC Voltage (Standard 10 W): 7,500 7,500
AC Voltage (Higher Wattage 22 W): 10,000 -
DC Voltage (Standard 10 W): 3,500 2,500
DC Voltage (Higher Wattage 22 W): 5,000 6,300
Minimum Pressure Differential: 100 100
Cv: 4.5 4.5

* Standard Sealing is Class 2, Per ANSI/FCI 92-2-2001
** For Oils and Hydraulic Fluids with viscosities greater than water, the maximum differential pressure is the value in the table divided by 2.

The EH50 Series

Possible EH50 Options:
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EH50 Integrated Check Valve
Integrated Check Valve
EH50 Valves with Optional 72in Lead Length
72" Lead Length
EH50 Valves with an Optional Din Connector
Din Connector
EH50 Valves with an Optional Screw Terminal
Screw Terminal
EH50 Valves with an Optional 1/4in Tab (Spade)
¼ Tab (spade)
EH50 Valves with an Optional General Service Coil
General Service
EH50 Valves with an Optional Hydrogen Service Test
Hydrogen Service
EH50 Normally Open Valve
Normally Open
EH50 Valve with Optional Oxygen Cleaning
Oxygen Clean
EH50 Valves with Stainless Steel Body
Stainless Steel Valve Body
EH50 Valves with an Optional Tube Connector
Tube Connector
EH50 Valves with an Optional Viton O-Rings
Viton O-Rings
EH50 Higher Pressure Option
22 W Coil
EH50 Valves with Optional Universal Mount
Universal Mount
Normally Open ONLY
EH50 Valves with an Optional Class V Test
Class V Leakage Testing
EH50 Valve with Optional SAE Port
SAE Port
EH50 Valves with an Optional NEMA 4X
EH50 Valves with Stainless Steel Tags
Stainless Steel Tags

The following are standard on the EH50:

EH50 Valves with Explosion Proof Coil
Explosion Proof

Options for our other valves include:

EH50 Valves No Cryogenic Cleaning
Cryogenic Cleaning
EH50 Valves No ETL Listed
ETL Listed
EH50 Valves No Single Switch
Single Switch

The EH50 Series

EH50 Valves Price Sheet
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Standard delivery time: 1 - 3 days
Additional options or alternate materials may cause longer delivery times. Delivery time is for less than 5 valves.