ATEX Coil options

ATEX coils

Clark Cooper offers our high pressure EH30, EH40, EH50, EX30, & EX40 Series solenoid valves with an ATEX coil option to allow you to use our valves in your products globally. The ATEX coils are designed for explosive atmospheres and comply with European directive 94/9/EC and standards IEC/EN 60079 for gases and IEC/EN 61241 for dust.

EH30, EH40, EH50, EX30 and EX40 Coil Offering:

  • Clark Cooper ATEX Coils d mb IIC T4/T5, Flameproof & Encapsulation per IEC 60079-1 & -18             ATEX Coil options
  • Clark Cooper ATEX Coils mb II T4/T5, Encapsulation, IEC 60079-18                         ATEX Coil options


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