The EX30 Series

EX30 Valve – Applicable For General Gases & Liquids


The EX30 is a direct operated, reduced port solenoid valve intended for inlet pressures of up to 15,000 psi with low flow rates.  It will operate with a wide range of media, ranging from light oils to gases.  There is no minimum required differential pressure.  The EX30 is currently available in the normally closed (fail close) configuration only.  The valve should be mounted vertically with the coil on top to allow opening at maximum allowable pressure. Filters are recommended for all applications due to the small orifice.

Possible Media: (click each icon to learn more)

Clark Cooper EX30 Valve General Gases and Liquids Yes
General Gases
and Liquids
EX30 Valve for Hydrocarbon Fuels
EX30 Valve for Flammable Gases
EX30 Valve for Hydrogen
EX30 Valve for Oxygen
EX30 Series Valve Not for Corrosives
EX30 Series Valve Not for Sea & Salt Water
Sea & Salt
EX30 Valve Not for Viscous Liquids
EX30 Valve Not for Steam
EX30 Valve Not for Cryogenics

The EX30 has the following certification:
EX30 Valve CRN Certified EX30 Valve ATEX Certified

California Proposition 65 Warning

The EX30 Series


Valve Body: 316 SS
O-Ring: PTFE
Bonnet: 316 SS & 430 SS
Disk: PTFE
Spring: 302 SS
Plunger: 430 SS
Bonnet Retainer: 430 SS

Valve weight: 2.9 lbs

EX30 Normally Closed Valve

The EX30 Series

Electrical (Coil) - DC Only

Power: 22 Watts (DC only)
Duty: Intermittent
Electrical Connection: 1/2" NPT, 18" Leads
Explosion Proof (Standard): NEMA 3, 3S, 4, 4X, 7, 9
General Service: NEMA 1, 2, 3, 3S, 4, 4X


Maximum pressures shown are measured in PSIG

  Orifice Size
0.019 "
Normally Closed DC Voltage: 15,000
Cv: 0.005

* The standard Inlet and Outlet connection is for a  ¼” OD Medium Pressure Fitting (7/16”-20 Thread)

The EX30 Series

Possible EX30 Options:
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EX30 Valves with Optional 72inc Lead Length
72" Lead Length
EX30 Valves with an Optional Din Connector
Din Connector
EX30 Valve with Optional Screw Terminal
Screw Terminal
EX30 Valves with Optional General Service Coil
General Service
EX30 Valves with an Optional Hydrogen Service Test
Hydrogen Service
EX30 Valve with Optional Oxygen Cleaning
Oxygen Clean
EX30 Valve with an Optional Class V Test
Class V Leakage Testing
EX30 Valves with an Optional NEMA 4X
EX30 Valves with Stainless Steel Tags
Stainless Steel Tags
EX30 Valve with Optional Viton O-Rings
Viton O-Rings
(for >225°F)

The following are standard on the EX30:

EX30 Valves with Explosion Proof Coil
Explosion Proof
EX30 Valves with Stainless Steel Body
Stainless Steel Valve Body
EX30 Series High Pressure Solenoid Valve
22 W Coil

Options for our other valves include:

EX30 Valves Not ETL Listed
ETL Listed
EX30 No Integrated Check Valve
Integrated Check Valve
EX30 Valve Single Switch - No
Single Switch
EX30 Valve Optional 1/4in Tab (Spade) - No
¼ Tab (spade)
EX30 Valves Optional Tube Connector - No
Tube Connector
EX30 Valve with Optional SAE Port - No
SAE Port
EX30 Valves with Optional Universal Mount - No
Universal Mount
EX30 Valves Cryogenic Testing - No
Cryogenic Cleaning

The EX30 Series

EX30 Valves Price Sheet
Download Model Breakdown PDF here

Standard delivery time: 10 weeks
Additional options or alternate materials may cause longer delivery times. Delivery time is for less than 5 valves.